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LabCloud Basic

Get your Lab started today and get access today! Academic and Commercial Labs ready to rock on!

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•Unlimited Users, Groups & Purchase Orders
•User Role and Permission Management
•Access to Personalized Pricing
•Laboratory Notebook Storage: 1GB/Group
•Order Tracking & Live Customer Service
•Quickbooks Integration
•Access to our Rapid Purchasing Program

Additional Optional Fees

•Optional Account & Net Terms Setup: $2000 USD
•Custom Concierge Order: 2% Capped at $50 USD • White Glove Order Facilitation: $10/Order
LabCloud Premium
Available Monthly at $1200/Month

This plan is meant for the expanding Lab and one looking for more flexibility and accounting efficiency.

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Get all of the capabilities of LabCloud Basic plus:

•Unlimited Concierge Orders & Service Contracts
•5 Request For Proposals (RFP's) / Month
• 2 Customer Specific Training's/Year
•Laboratory Notebook Storage: 100 GB/Group
• White Glove Order Facilitation: Unlimited
• Unlimited White Glove Order Facilitation
•Automatic 30 Day Net Terms for Rapid Purchase Orders up-to $2000 USD
•Access to Advanced Analytics and
Customized Reports

LabCloud Enterprise
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Custom Proposals & Quotes Available

Need a more personal touch? We are ready to take your operations to the next level with additional options.

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LabCloud has many capabilities to help drive your organization to the next level. Our platform is enterprise ready to take on a variety of challenges
This Includes:

•Integration with Netsuite, Dynamics & Oracle
•On-Premises Hosting Options
• Customized Technical & Organizational Training
•Customized Inventory and Procurement Workflow Setup
• Access to API Frameworks & Development Tools

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Compliance & Security

Access your data in a safe and compliant environment .  Plain and Simple. Your data is hosted in a HIPAA, SAS70 and SOX compliant data center. LabCloud keeps multiple mirror copies of all data on a daily basis, so that maximum data safety is ensured.

All your data will be accessible only by you unless you explicitly share it or grant access permissions to others (including LabCloud Staff) and all communications are securely encrypted via SSL (256-bit). Unlike most web based ELN systems, we do not combine your data with anyone else.
Each company has its own database and is separated from each other. Every company can manage set access to data and maintain audit and regulatory controls with compliance to CFR 21 Part 11, GxP, ISO and others.

Our Services Go Beyond Our Platform

① Access to Vendors, On and Off Platform

LabCloud provides full punch-out and catalog capabilities to all clients.(See list of Integrated Vendors) Additionally, we also allow you to order from Vendors that are not on our integrated vendors list including, CRO's, Consultants and Vendors that require custom orders.

Access to your discounts...and ours!

LabCloud has a platform called the "LabCloud Rapid Purchasing Program".  This platform allows you to access catalog prices and discounts that are available across the LabCloud network. Additionally, with the introduction of LabCloud+, we are expanding our network of discounts and ways to save!

③ Order Tracking, White Glove Orders & Invoicing

Our LabCloud Concierge service provides the ability for customers to track, modify or cancel orders. In addition, our Concierge is on-demand to ensure that all LabCloud orders are delivered safely and per vendor specification. Additionally, our Concierge ensures that invoices and credits are delivered timely and efficiently. Problem? We got you covered!

④ Accounting, Account Setup and Integrations

LabCloud can help you configure your accounting systems as well as integrate with ERP platforms including Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, Dynamic365, Oracle and others to manage accounting. Additionally, our specialists can assist with account setup, net terms, tax exemption and consultation on workflows.