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Charles Beyrouthy
LabCloud News

Today is an opportunity that our team has been looking forward to for a very long time. Today, we are announcing the re-launch and new inception of Since its inception, LabCloud Inc has been looking to disrupt an industry that, we believe, can do better and provide scientists the ultimate tools that they need to succeed.  

The laboratory informatics and procurement space have been playing compromises with customers that we feel, if research is to progress and science is to reach its full potential, cannot be compromised. Let’s face it, compliance, security and a fully integrated system that companies can access on day one are staples of the everyday for companies. Today, we end that compromise. Today, we are releasing the first system in the world that is a fully integrated platform that incorporates all the needs of your laboratory in one place in a compliant a manner; a laboratory notebook, a data management system, an inventory system and a procurement system… all for free.

For too long, the industries I have referred to, have placed a high premium on the cost of their systems.  It is, because of this, the diligence process, audits and funding rounds which are essential to their growth have been long, tedious and uncompromising.  According to the U.S. Census, 45% of companies in the life science and healthcare R&D space that failed last year cited enormous difficulties in finding their data and 35% of companies cited overspending on equipment and consumables due to lack of inventory controls.  This to us, as former scientists is unacceptable.  In an industry that has become flooded by programmers and data people who have never been in science or know what science is about, we think it’s time to bring the excitement back into it and make it sexy again. Put another way, we came from the bench and we would never give you something we wouldn’t use ourselves.  I guess it seems elementary but for some reason the industry hasn’t done it. So we have.  

For the past three years, we have undergone an amazing learning experience.  We have learned from the most important people; You, our users and customers.  It is because of you, that we are standing here today.  The software that is available today is because of the motivation of the users and from the very beginning, LabCloud had the approach of putting the customer first.  Today, we have put the expectations of customers on the forefront and a produced a product that is both powerful and easy to use and we are releasing it to the world.

Today, LabCloud is ready to provide you with all of its capabilities. It has been a long road and we made our mistakes and learned from them.  In this continuing journey, it is important to recognize the people and institutions who helped advise us and build us up to who we are today. We would first like to thank our investors, Lorraine Jones, Alexey Wolfson, (our first Investors) and Investors Collaborative (our first institution) (Andreas Randow, Leonard Hafetz, William Asher & George Koether) for placing your faith in us and giving us an opportunity to grow and succeed.

As a startup, you always find a place to call your home.  To us, there are two places LabCloud has called home; The Venture Development Center (VDC) at UMass Boston and InTeahouse

To the VDC, I would like to personally thank William Brah and the VDC Team, the first person who put faith in us as a business and the first incubator that helped us define what it meant to be a tech startup. In addition, a special thanks to the following people who made our experience there special both current/former residents and EIR’s; Richard Anderson, Linda Mello and Team (Symmetric Computing), James Douberley (SQZ Biotech), Alexander Lazarev (Pressure Biosciences), David McFarlane (Litmus), Sasanka Atapattu, John Harvey & Team (LaunchSource), Jim Counihan (Prism Ventures) , Jim Idelson (DesigNET), Nishikant Sonwalker (IntellAdapt), David Howe and Stephen Chiricosta (Luminacare) and John Hamilton who joined our board of advisors.  To the team at InTeahouse, I would like to thank Laura Steglich and Xin Liu and Kristophe Diaz (who is now at Cohens Veterans Bioscience) who gave us a chance to be part of an amazing experience, be part of Inteahouse’ first cohort in Cambridge and help us accelerate our growth.

In business, you always have that first client that makes or breaks your concept.  I would like to extend a personal thanks to our first shared space client and our closest collaborator to making LabCloud a true success, LabCentral. To Megan Keegan, Celina Chang, Abby Johnson, Thierry Leclerc, Patrick Tucker, Clancy Steele Gonzales, Lyndsey York, Maggie O’Toole, Peter Parker, and Johannes Fruehauf, all we can say is, Thank you.  You are the best partners we could have ever asked for.  You have been a guidance for us in order to make science better and we appreciate every bit of your insight, kindness and most all patience while we worked to make it happen.  You took a chance on us and we are only happy to keep delivering.  We are a far cry from where we were and we only have admiration for your efforts on a daily basis in expanding the opportunities for companies to pursue their hopes and dreams.  We look forward to expanding and growing with you in the future.

As LabCloud grew, vendors came on our platform. And some of those friends happened to be vendors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our vendors. We would like to thank all of our vendors who have been so gracious in helping us and working with us.  To those of you who would like to see who those are, please check them here.

Lastly, I would like to thank our clients, team, friends and families.  Without you, we cannot do what we do. It’s not easy to run a company but today, we are showing you the results of our efforts and we thank you for your continued support, care, and patience. We wish you all the very best.

On-ward and Up-ward to the LabCloud we go.

All the Best,

Charles P. Beyrouthy (CEO) & Igor Romashko (CTO)